Sauna house and its facilities
Saunamaja offers various options for pleasant pastimes and relaxation.

Living room with kitchen

The sauna house has a cozy rest area where you can relax and spend time. The kitchen equipment allows you to conveniently prepare light meals or snacks.

Sauna room and washing facilities

The wood-burning sauna room creates an authentic sauna atmosphere and allows you to enjoy the invigorating steam. Bathing facilities ensure freshness and comfort after a visit to the sauna.

Accommodation for up to 10 people

The sauna house offers accommodation for up to 10 people, ensuring a comfortable overnight stay after sauna pleasures.

Power of wood-burning sauna

The sauna room can accommodate up to 7 people at the same time, allowing friends or family to enjoy sauna pleasures together.


The hot tub gives up to 7 people the opportunity to enjoy warm water and beautiful surroundings. It is the perfect opportunity for relaxation and peaceful enjoyment.


The pond by the sauna house adds opportunities to improve sauna rituals. The pond can be used all year round, offering an additional opportunity to enjoy sauna pleasures and admire the beauty of nature.

The sauna house and its facilities create an ideal environment for relaxation, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying the beauty of nature. Healthy sauna rituals and picturesque surroundings ensure a pleasant and unforgettable experience for every visitor.


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Põnka Puhketalu, Rätsepa küla, Tori vald, Pärnumaa 86816
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